Deir al Surian Projects

The Library of Deir al Surian in the Egyptian desert is of inestimable importance. Dating from the 5th century, the manuscripts it houses are in Syriac, Coptic, Arabic and Ethiopic. They include the earliest biblical texts and works of Church Fathers of which the Greek originals are now lost. After 1600 years in a living community these irreplaceable treasures are in need of preservation for future generations. The Levantine Foundation is therefore working with the monastery to conserve this unique inheritance, and with modern technology, to make it available to the world of scholarship.
Current projects include the preservation of the collection of ancient Christian manuscripts from Deir al Surian dating back to the fifth century, cataloguing of the Coptic, Christian Arabic and Ethiopic collection and training programmes in museology and conservation to museum professionals in Cairo. 
The Levantine Foundation registered in England 4506398, in The Arab Republic of Egypt under Law No 84 (2002). Registered charity number 1094436.