Conservation process - Work to date

Conservation process begins with preservation needs assessment of the document and continue with preventive or remedial conservation. The aim of preventive conservation is to prevent damage from occurring, to maintain, and where possible enhance condition of an object, as well as manage risks such as handling and environmental conditions. The aim of remedial conservation is to stabilise an object with a minimal intervention using reversible materials and retaining its historical character.
In January 2003 a field team of four paper and book conservators spent two weeks working in the Surian Monastery, on the conservation of the tenth century Syriac manuscript 'Jacob of Sarug'.
This was the first piece of conservation work undertaken by The Levantine Foundation. The manuscript, dated 956/7, contains metrical homilies by Jacob of Sarug, one of the greatest poets of the Syrian-Orthodox tradition.
To date, over one hundred codices and over three two hundred fragments /singular manuscripts have been stabilised, and/or fully conserved and placed in protective housing. One of the most important of these is the earliest version of the Four Gospels dated to the fifth century for which a generous grant was made by Mr. John Osborn. In May 2016 Mr. Osborn visited the Library together with the foundation Chairman, Nigel Pilkington to view the excellent work carried out by one of our conservators, Flavio Marzo. 
Amongst other important manuscripts that have been conserved are: eight manuscripts from the Syriac collection dating back to 6th/7th century including Syr.Ms. 10 Four Gospels, 510 AD, the earliest dated copy in existence, Coptic Ms. 23, Gospel of St. John, 11th century, Coptic Ms. 647, Consecration of the New Churches, 12th century, Copt-Arabic Ms. 28, Acts of the Apostles, and Coptic Ms. 21, Four Gospels whose conservation was made possible thanks to a generous financial contribution from Mr. and Mrs. Robert John in memory of their daughter.
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